Energy Budgeting and Control for Industrial Plant through Consumption Analysis and Monitoring

V. Cesarotti, V. Ciminelli, B. Di Silvio, T. Fedele, and V. Introna (Italy)


Energy budgeting, energy consumption, CUSUM


The purpose of this paper is to provide a method for planning and control of electrical energy budget for an industrial plant. The authors propose a methodology that approaches effectiveness and efficiency of budget estimation based on energy consumption forecast and control and energy price analysis. The methods aims to obtain a very high confidence of predicted electrical energy cost to include into the estimation of budget and a continuous control of energy consumption and cost. The methodology is based on tools already used in other sectors as statistical control of production processes, market demand forecast and budget planning and control in project management. Authors show the methodology in detail through practical application to a case study of an industrial plant with the 20% incidence of electrical energetic cost on the final product.

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