Energy Saving Opportunity with Variable Speed Drive in Primary Air-Handling Unit

J.S.M. Li (PRC)


Variable speed drives, Energy, Primary air-handling unit


As air-conditioning is one of the largest consumers of energy, we should aim to reduce the air-conditioning loads in buildings. In this study, the initial effect of addition of variable speed drives to primary air handling units in Kowloon City Law Courts Building is investigated. Since the fan motor running at nominal speed has supplied excess amount of fresh air at part loads. In order to increase the energy efficiency, the fan motors in primary air handling units are retrofitted with variable speed drives. The paper describes a method of energy saving in the building by using variable speed drives. It is evaluated and quantified the energy saving associated with variable fresh air supply flow rate and its cost to the Owner. An overview of such conservation measures, along with the potential energy and cost saving, implementation cost and pay back period are given.

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