Instantaneous Power Flow Determination for Single-Phase UPFC

B. Dobrucky, S. Drozdy, M. Pokorny, and R. Pavlanin (Slovak Republic)


Power flow analysis, unified power flow conditioner, power active filters, moving average method, instantaneous reactive power theory


The paper deals with the high dynamic properties of single-phase unified power flow conditioner (UPFC). Using a virtual approach and application of orthogonal transform theory the ordinary single-phase system can be transformed into equivalent two-axes system. The new thought is based on the idea that ordinary single-phase quantity can be complemented by virtual fictitious phase so that both of them will create orthogonal system, as is usual in three-phase systems. Application of above mentioned theory makes it possible to use complex methods of analysis as instantaneous reactive power method. Both, the active and reactive powers can be determined by this way. Practical application of the method is outlined for the case of active and reactive power determination for single-phase power unified power flow controller. The paper presents some examples of the simulation experiments results focused on regulation output voltage of UPFC, in its last part.

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