The Incorporation of a Discrete, Dynamic LTC Transformer Model in a Dynamic Power Flow Algorithm

R. Garcia-Valle and E. Acha (UK)


Dynamic power flows, voltage stability, dynamic stability, voltage collapse, LTC transformer, load shedding.


This paper reports on the development of a dynamic LTC transformer model suitable for a dynamic power flow algo rithm where the generators dynamic equations are solved simultaneously and in conjunction with the network alge braic equations using Newton's method. The method may be used for long-term power systems dynamic assessment, and in addition to the load tap changing transformer model, a representation of the generator boiler is also included. These are slow acting devices which are known to impact on system voltage collapse phenomena; events which may evolve over periods of time lasting several tens of minutes. Two test systems are presented to show the versatility of the simulation tool, including a trip cascading event lead ing up to a wide-area voltage collapse. Where appropriate, result comparisons with the output of a conventional tran sient stability program have been carried out.

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