Techniques of Control of the Transit of Power by FACTS-Series Devices

A. Ziane-Khodja, M. Adli, and M. Fettous (Algeria)


FACTS-Series, SSSC, TCSC, UPFC, control, energy transit


Being given the increasing difficulties of realization of new electrical equipment to satisfy the large demand of energy, the specialists turned to the optimisation of the existing electrical equipments. The power electronics devices take part efficiently taking advantage of the enormous progress made in their control devices and their capabilities of energy transfer. This article is precisely based on the study of the control of the transit of power using FACTS-Series devices (TCSC, SSSC and UPFC). It shows the capacity of these devices to increase the power transit of the existing equipment, and in the same time improving the margins of exploitation without reaching the stability limit of the networks and this, by using equipment having an impact minimum on the environment, more rapids to be implemented and less expensive. All these proprieties of FACTS devices were analysed by digital simulations on simple circuits with a line, two lines then on a wider network.

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