Determination of the Firing Angle for a Dynamic Fault Current Limiter (DFCL) in Case WITHOUT a Fault

H. Rubenbauer and G. Herold (Germany)


Power electronics, power system protection, FCL


In faultless operation mode it is very important, that the investigated Dynamic Fault Current Limiter (DFCL) has got only little influence on the protected electrical network. Since the DFCL is based on a thyristor rectifier, this nearly uninfluenced operation is ensured by an appropriate firing angle. To determine this certain firing angle in this paper a numerical method is described, which is derived from the different circuit states. Besides the determination of the right DFCL control in faultless operation mode, one understands the dependence of the operation ranges of the DFCL on the impedance ratio of the surrounding network. Altogether this knowledge is very important to design a control system for a fast and secure DFCL operation in case without a fault.

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