A Spatially Multiresolution, MRF Optimization based Approach to the Shape from Shading Problem

M. Louw and F. Nicolls (South Africa)


Shape from Shading, MRF, Lambertian illumination.


This paper extends the MRF formulation approach [6] for solving the shape from shading problem. Our method uses simulated annealing Gibbs sampling to minimize a lattice energy for an MRF formulation which characterizes the Shape from Shading (SFS) problem under Lambertian re flectance conditions. We explore a spatial multi-resolution approach which refines the digital elevation map of the sur face in a coarse to fine manner. This framework allows us to deal with images as projections rather than affine map pings, and allows us to incorporate a local occlusion con straint to cater for more general scene/lighting configura tions.

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