Comparison of Synthetic Face Aging to Age Progression by Forensic Sketch Artist

E. Patterson, A. Sethuram, M. Albert, and K. Ricanek (USA)


Face, aging, image synthesis, and forensic art.


Aging affects facial appearance increasingly so through the progression of years of an individual’s life. Because of this, there are several human-driven and automated applications that would greatly benefit from the ability to automatically generated accurate images of the appearance of an individual after some time period of aging, particularly when current photographs of the individual are not available. Thus far, however, little progress has been achieved in generating such images beyond those created by traditional artistic methods. There are a few methods currently used to generate age-progressed facial appearances, mostly for law enforcement applications such as missing-persons and fugitive apprehension. These methods are artistically driven by individuals trained in art, anatomy, aging, and forensic science. One of the most promising of the few recent computer-based methods for generating images of age-progression uses active-appearance models of the face trained on images of many individuals. This paper presents an initial comparison of synthetic face aging using this method with age progression drawn by a forensic artist.

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