A Multimodal Self-Organizing Network for Sensory Integration of Letters and Phonemes

L. Gustafsson, T. Jantvik (Sweden), and A.P. Papliński (Australia)


self-organization, neural networks, letters, phonemes, sen sory integration


Integration of signals from sensory receptors of different modalities is known to enhance perception. Integration takes place in bimodal and multimodal association areas of neocortex and results in robust bimodal or multimodal per cepts as well as in feedback mediated enhanced unimodal perception. A Multimodal Self-Organizing Network, Mu SON, is presented as a tool for simulating sensory integra tion. The latest version of this MuSON, that is described in the current paper, also takes the degree of recognition of stimuli in the various maps of the network into account. Simulation results show the same characteristics as corre sponding results from psychology and neuroscience.

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