Intelligent Agent for Home Assistance

G. Fiol-Roig (Spain)


Artificial intelligence, intelligent agents, human-computer interaction, virtual home assistance, information systems, object attribute tables.


Social assistance is a major social problem in developed countries, particularly when it has to do with elderly or disabled people. Designing a computer system to face such situations becomes a hard task, since a variety of disciplines and technologies are to be integrated. Intelligent agents constitute an Artificial Intelligence field with a growing interest in a wide range of scientific disciplines and real world applications. An intelligent agent is an entity acting in a particular environment, whose actions are based on the perceptions received from the environment, in such a way its behaviour is considered intelligent by a human expert. This paper describes some characteristics of the design and results of an intelligent agent making the interaction of an elderly or disabled person with the elements of a virtual domotic environment possible. In particular, three aspects are discussed: the specification of the healthcare and accommodation modules of the house in terms of a perception-action vector, the knowledge representation of the specified modules and the basic inference processes which the agent’s decision mechanism is based on.

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