Quality Assessment of Human Behavior Models

W.A. van Doesburg (The Netherlands)


Quality Assessment, Human Behavior Modeling, Cogni tive Modeling, Decision Support, Cognitive Attention, Tac tical Picture Compilation


Accurate and efficient models of human behavior offer great potential in military and crisis management applica tions. However, little attention has been given to the man ner in which it can be determined if this potential is actu ally realized. In this study a quality assessment approach that combines the perspectives of application users, scien tific users and model developers is proposed. A case study was done to assess the quality of two models. Specifically the reusability and relevancy of these models was assessed. The assessment approach is a framework in which quality assessment of human behavior representations can be fur ther developed and that offers the exchange of quality as sessments results. This, in turn, enables models to be com posed of (sub)models of which the quality is established beforehand.

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