External Functions Hosting by Graphplan

J. Zalaket (Lebanon) and G. Camilleri (France)


Planning, Graphplan, Numerical planning


Due to its compact structure Graphplan has founded a new generation of planners. In addition to its performance in solving planning problems, many heuristics have been de rived using its planning graph structure. Several extensions have been made to the Graphplan or to its planning graph to enhance their performance and to make them able to solve new type of knowledge like temporal and resources. The most of these extensions have handled the temporal and numeric resource knowledge as a peripheral part joined to the Graphplan structure. Our observation to the Graph plan structure showed us that this structure is able to deal with all kind of knowledge by the same way as with sym bolic knowledge. Even more, this structure is able to han dle black box functions which manipulate all kind of data. In this paper, we present a variation of Graphplan which supports the execution of external functions for numeric knowledge update. This variation allows Graphplan to run all kind of knowledge using its original planning graph as the base of the data structure.

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