The New HYREC: A New Hybrid Product Recommender System

P. Fomenky, Z. Webb, and Y. Reddy (USA)


Product recommender system, case based reasoning, hybrid recommendation, conflict set, purchase plan recognition, sub-plans


Ecommerce has become ubiquitous as much business is done online nowadays. Some of the more popular such sites include EBay, Amazon and TigerDirect. Product recommendation has become a very important feature of ecommerce as it helps store owners maximize their sales. Over the years, product recommendation has been achieved using a number of techniques. Two of the most popular product recommendation methods are Automated Collaborative Filtering (ACF) and the Case Based Reasoning (CBR) systems. The goal of the research explained below was to handle the sequencing problem that arises because of the usage of such a method. The New HYREC proposes ameliorations to the HYREC product recommender system [1].

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