Towards an e-Health System for Suicide Prevention

S. Chattopadhyay, P. Ray (Australia), M.B. Lee, and H.S. Chen (Taiwan)


Suicidality; e-Health system for mental health; PSIS; Significant factors; Rule-based DSS


Electronic health (e-Health) is an emerging research field that focuses on healthcare based in emerging information and communication technologies. Researchers on e Health have been working on database management systems to store and retrieve electronically the health records, conducting e-referral of the patients, e transferring of the patient information and helping several other sectors of a hospital management system (e.g. finance, pharmacy etc). This paper examines the problem of e-Health system development for mental illnesses that may lead to suicides. We propose a Decision Support System (DSS) that is able to mine complex real-world data of suicidal patients based on evolving knowledge engineering techniques. Evidence-based suicidal scenarios are analyzed using statistical modeling to mine knowledge. Finally the performance of the DSS is tested on some test data.

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