Improving Attenuating Noise in Image Sequences using Averaging as the Central Value of Filter

M. Saeidi, M.H. Tadayon, and R. Hasanzadeh (Iran)


Adaptive Weighted Averaging, Motion Estimation, Noise Variance, Motion Compensation, Central Value of Filter


In this paper, we propose an improving method in image sequences filtering, for effective noise suppression in consecutive frames without introducing visually distributing blurring artifacts. The consecutive frames include: current, previous and next noisy frames. The filter proposed in this paper is based upon the weighted averaging pixels intensity and noise variance in image sequences. It utilizes the averaging of pixels intensity values within a spatiotemporal support as a central value of filtering. In this proposed filter the weights are determined by a well-defined mathematical criterion, which is adaptive to the feature of spatiotemporal pixels of the consecutive frames. It is experimentally shown that the proposed filter can preserve image structures and edges under motion while suppressing noise, and thus can be effectively used in image sequences filtering. The proposed filter smoothes noisy consecutive frames very well, especially when the image sequences are corrupted by Gaussian noise under very low SNR. In addition, it has an acceptable percentage of preserved edge points.

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