A Robust Fuzzy Logic based Approach for Skin Detection in Colored Images

A. Ahmed, M.Y. Javed, and U. Qayyum (Pakistan)


Fuzzy logic, skin detection, boolean logic, color spaces, false positive, false negative.


This paper presents a study and implementation of a skin detection system based on combination of different color spaces using fuzzy logic. A simpler approach using boolean logic is also presented which is, later on, enhanced using fuzzy logic. In the past, YCbCr and HSV have been extensively used for skin detection but during our research the discrepancies (false alarms) showed the limitations of these basic skin detectors. In order to reduce false alarms, three color spaces YCbCr, HSV and RGB have been used to extract the general skin regions and the results of the three are combined using a fuzzy inference system. Results reveal an accuracy of 97.30% for skin detection and a significant reduction in the rate of false alarms as compared to the boolean approach.

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