Architecture of an IKEv2 Protocol Implementation

S. Gro and V. Glavinić (Croatia)


architectural patterns, software frameworks, IKEv2 proto col, protocol implementation


In this paper we describe the architecture of an IKEv2 pro tocol implementation. The architecture has been designed with the aim to make the implementation meet a number of good characteristics: to be as fast as possible, scalable, easy to understand and enhance, as well as portable across different operating systems and processor architectures. As a byproduct we endeavored to specify an architectural pat tern that might be used to build other, similar network pro tocols. In order to make this pattern even more attractive, parts of the architecture are separated as a generic software framework, thus allowing reuse of the code base. The im plementation itself is written in the C programming lan guage but borrows some of the concepts from object ori ented programming. More specifically, it both enforces the access to private data structures of the different modules and uses messages, i.e. objects, to communicate different events among subsystems.

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