Integration of a Secure Mobile Payment System in a GSM/UMTS SIM Smart Card

I.G. Askoxylakis, M. Pramateftakis, D.D. Kastanis, and A.P. Traganitis (Greece)


Cryptographic Protocols and Applications, Mobile Commerce, Electronic Payment, Electronic Purse, Threshold Cryptography


The idea of electronic money and the digitalization of economic transactions are appealing as a result of the nowadays’ technological evolution. Many proposals have been presented and several projects have been implemented in this direction, however there is still a long way ahead to widely commercially deployed applications. In this paper a new counter-based electronic payment system is introduced. Guidelines to that are high-level system security, user mobility, user anonymity, off-line operation ability, system scalability, and entity transferability. We introduce a new electronic purse application, with the corresponding payment protocol. The application mainly intends to serve subscribers of cellular networks, by enabling them to hold electronic means of money, and use it for commercial purposes.

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