An Efficient Algorithm for the Implementation of Fingerprint Authentication on Smartcards

M. Govan and T. Buggy (UK)


information security, biometrics, finger prints, smartcards, match-on-card.


: In recent years, biometrics has become es tablished as the pinnacle of reliable authentication, able to overcome the limitations of traditional methods. With the ability to securely store data and execute functions on-card, smartcards can play an important role in providing secure solutions that are both highly usable and trusted, while pre serving user privacy. However technological constraints currently prohibit computationally intensive applications on-card, making implementation a challenging problem: to date, current ‘match-on-card’ applications work by releas ing a portion of the template into the off-card environment, thereby reintroducing significant security vulnerabilities. With the aim of developing a secure implementation of a biometric matching algorithm within a resource con strained environment, this paper establishes a disturbance rejection methodology capable of differentiating between equivalent and extraneous data. Initial studies demonstrate this novel concept is capable of yielding significant reduc tions in the magnitude of computation through the refine ment of the feature search-space, opening up the prospect of truly secure ‘match-on-card’ systems.

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