FEDERACY: An Extensible Federated Identity and Access Management Framework Considering Legacy Systems

S.-C. Cha, H.-P. Lin, M.-G. Wang, and C.-W. Huang (Taiwan)


Access control, Authentication, Identity and Access Man agement, FEDERACY


In recent years, many organizations start to deploy Identity and Access Management (IAM) or Federated Identity and Access Management (FIAM) systems to reduce the costs and security risks to manage different systems. However, current IAM solutions usually adopt the Web-based por tal approach and require application system to support the Web-based architecture or HTTP protocol. Therefore, or ganizations usually encounter difficulties to integrate their legacy systems into IAM systems. In light of this problem, we propose the framework of extensible FEDerated identity and access management framework considERing LegACY systems (FEDERACY). Compared with current Web-based portal approach, FEDERACY is designed to provide a uni fied way for users to use the legacy systems and for adminis trators to manage the legacy systems without re-engineering the systems. As the cost of integrating legacy systems to IAM systems can be reduced, FEDERACY can hopefully contribute to the deployment of IAM systems.

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