Multi-Agent based Security Assurance Monitoring System for Telecommunication Infrastructures

E. Bulut (France), D. Khadraoui (Luxembourg), and B. Marquet (France)


Security Assurance, Metrics, Probes, Multi-Agent Systems, Telecommunication Infrastructure


Telecommunications infrastructures are complex and massively distributed systems. There is no general solution to measure, document and maintain the security assurance level of services based on telecommunication systems. In this paper, we present an innovative approach addressing the measurement issue on an operational telecommunication infrastructure in a distributed and as much as possible non-intrusive way. This approach is based on Multi-Agent Systems and benefits from Multi Agent platform deployed over telecommunication infrastructures. We validate it on a real VoIP infrastructure with an agent-based prototype collecting distributed measures from network elements of the infrastructure. Further developments and exploitation of these results are under achievements in the framework of Celtic BUGYO project.

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