New Practical Attack against Bluetooth Security using Efficient Implementations of Security Analysis Tools

K.M.J. Haataja (Finland)


Authentication, Authorization, Bluetooth, Encryption, Se curity Analysis Tool, Wireless Security


As an interconnection technology, Bluetooth has to ad dress all traditional security problems, well known from the distributed networks. In addition, security issues in wireless ad-hoc networks are much more complex than those of more traditional wired or centralized wireless net works. Moreover, Bluetooth networks are formed by the radio links, which means that there are also additional secu rity aspects whose impact is yet not well understood. New Bluetooth applications create new security threats, for ex ample, in printing. In this paper, we describe a new prac tical attack against Bluetooth security using efficient im plementations of security analysis tools. In addition, we demonstrate with experimental figures that using our secu rity analysis tools, attacks against Bluetooth-enabled print ers become practical. Moreover, we propose countermea sures that render these attacks impractical although not to tally eliminating their potential danger.

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