Customizable Execution Environments with Virtual Desktop Grid Computing

D. Lombraa-Gonzalez, F. Fernndez de Vega (Spain), L. Trujillo, G. Olague (Mexico), and B. Segal (Switzerland)


Parallel Computing, Desktop Grid Computing, Virtual Ma chines, Virtualization


Nowadays, desktop machines have good features in terms of computing power, but they are still normally underused at research centers (universities, companies, etc.). On the other hand, some researchers cannot solve very complex problems because they lack suf´Čücient computing power. In this paper, we propose to exploit commodity machines by using Desktop Grid Computing (DGC) technology. More over, we employ this kind of infrastructure allowing re searchers to deploy and run their applications without any code changes. The goal is to provide an on-demand cus tomized execution environment where scientists can load and run their applications and experiments without worry ing about the underlying hardware and operating systems of the client desktop machines. Our proposal achieves this objective by using a DGC technology, such as BOINC, in conjunction with a Virtual Machine technology like VMware. In this paper we introduce this new approach to DGC computing and analyze the successful results that we have obtained.

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