VisageFS Dynamic Storage Features for Wide-Area Workflows

F. Thiebolt, A. Ortiz, and A. M'zoughi (France)


Grid computing, Distributed File System, Storage Virtual ization.


Nowadays, the disk storage’s skyrocketing capacity has led to an amazing situation : grid-scale gathered storage of client nodes can overcome even the largest centralised storage units. Thus, one of the key challenges related to the grid environment is to federate such spread stor age resources together. Thereby, we have developed Vis ageFS, a POSIX compliant, wide-area file system. It is mainly built upon a storage virtualization layer, plug-ins aware coherency layer and a multi-tiered administration and monitoring service. However, once featured with a global namespace fuelled by heterogeneous storage, the wide-area job scheduler is willing to be aware of data lo cation. Furthermore, depending on workload, it may be highly desirable to make use of local storage facilities with out data staging penalties. In this paper, we present one dy namic storage feature intended to provide transparent local storage access while remaining within the VisageFS global namespace.

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