Fixed-Priority Scheduling on Prioritized SMT Processor

S. Kato and N. Yamasaki (Japan)


Real-Time Systems, Fixed-Priority Scheduling, Schedula bility Analysis, Prioritized Simultaneous Multithreading, Responsive Multithreaded Processor.


Prioritized SMT is a technique that placess a priority to each thread in hardware and the processor resources are preferentially allocated to threads with a high priority. This paper describes real-time task scheduling on Prioritized SMT processors. We propose two algorithms, Direct Prior ity Mapping (DM) and Shorter Period Upper (SPU), that determine the priorities of the threads. Then the well known Rate Monotonic (RM) algorithm is combined with the proposed algorithms for scheduling real-time tasks on Prioritized SMT processors. Also we consider a schedula bility analysis for each algorithm. The simulation study evaluates the deadline miss ratio of the proposed algo rithms with ideal-case simulations and register transfer level (RTL) simulations.

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