Packetized Smooth Switching for Buffered Crossbar Switches

H. Guan, Y. Zhao, Jianping Wu, X. Zhang, and Z. Liu (PRC)


buffered crossbar, scheduling, smoothness, switches


A sort of CICQ switches called the smoothed buffered crossbar or sBUX based on a new rate-based flow control scheme has been proposed in order to induce more scalability and predictability. However, sBUX supports fixed-length cells only, and the synchronization of input scheduling and output scheduling is required. In this paper, a new rate-based CICQ switch called sBUX+, which uses a novel packetized smoothed scheduler s WF2 Q as input and output schedulers, is proposed. It can support variable-length packet switching without fragmentation. In sBUX+, the buffer occupancy in the crosspoint is bounded by three packets with the longest length. The most appealing property of sBUX+ is the bounded packet departing time when supporting guaranteed services.

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