Dynamic Modification of Wireless Multihop Transmission Route in Message-by-Message Manner for Shorter Transmission Delay

M. Shimada and H. Higaki (Japan)


Ad-hoc Networks, Routing Protocol, Wireless Multihop Transmission, Re-transmission


In a mobile ad-hoc network, network topology changes dy namically due to mobility of computers, battery consump tion and failure of mobile computers. Until now, many ad-hoc routing protocol tolerating such changes of network topology have been proposed. Here, all data messages are forwarded by all mobile computers included in a message transmission route detected by an ad-hoc routing protocol. No intermediate mobile computers are added and removed other than in route repair and switching. This paper pro poses a dynamic modification of a message transmission route for achieving shorter end-to-end transmission delay with less control messages in an ad-hoc network. Here, data messages are retransmitted not by a previous hop mo bile computer but by another mobile computer which re ceives them correctly and is the nearest to a next hop mo bile computer. This paper shows a routing protocol and a data message transmission protocol for the dynamic route modification according to the surrogate of retransmission. Performance evaluation is simulation shows that own pro posal method achieves reduction of numbers of retransmis sion i.e., shorter end-to-end transmission delay, especially in a dense ad-hoc network.

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