Improved Decision-Making for Software Managers using Bayesian Networks

Ł. Radliński (Poland), N. Fenton, M. Neil, and D. Marquez (UK)


Software project modelling, project risk factor Nets s, Bayesian project), it still has the following m 1.Lack of integration of main resources and quality in a single m Model does not contain any o information that is included in model called Phase-level Model


Although there have been many models for quality and resources in software developme not provide enough decision-support fo managers. It has been argued that models Bayesian Nets (BNs) address this proble previous BN models, the new model (cal predicting taking acc nt, they do informed ear r software e on models. In particular, the model a trade-offs that we can normad nlike d the f both lly projects between: size of delivered software, quality of delivered softw up-to-date generic empirical data on software p and quality and, where relevant, local infor choi roductivity mation and odel provides lysis to help resources required for develop terms of both project duration an While the model has been wi successful (including use by o Siemens [1decision-making.

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