Exploring Traceability-based Requirements Inspection

F. Ahmed, Q.S. Durrani (Pakistan), and S. Khurshid (USA)


Requirements validation, Inspection, Pre-traceability, Completeness and Correctness


Requirements completeness and correctness are perhaps the most difficult yet vital issues to identify during validation. If they are not properly identified and resolved early on, they become a serious threat to quality and cost, especially for large software development ventures. Conventional techniques for validation are generally inadequate for such issues. This paper reports an inspection technique named Traceability-based Requirements Inspection that helps identify and resolve these issues by addressing the pre-tracebility of requirements in the documented domain knowledge. The technique is supplemented with appropriate metrics, procedures and a tool named Pensieve to facilitate identification, reporting and resolution of completeness and correctness issues. The viability of the technique has been assessed through a case study, the results of which are also reported and discussed.

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