Towards Goal-Interaction Detection during COTS Selection

A. Mohamed, M. Shehata (Egypt), and A. Eberlein (UAE)


Goal-driven COTS Selection, MiHOS, IRIS, goals inte raction.


In the process of selecting Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products, goals may be used to define the selection criteria. Goals can range from high-level strategic objectives to low-level technical objectives. During the process of defining these goals, high-level objectives are decomposed into more refined objectives at lower levels. However, it is important not only to define the decomposition links, but also to define how different technical goals interact. Defining such interaction is important to avoid unexpected system behaviour when a negative interaction scenario occurs between two goals. Moreover, defining these interactions at an early stage will prevent high repair costs at later stages. In this paper, we describe the application of an approach called IRIS to identify interactions among goals during COTS selection. As a proof of concept, we present an example of an e commerce system to illustrate the proposed work.

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