Large Forward Engineering Project Implementing OOAD in Legacy Environment

S. Ramakrishnan, J. Tojy, and V.V.S. Raveendra (India)


Software development, Reengineering, Forward engineering, OOAD implemented using COBOL


Majority of the software development projects today can be categorized under re-engineering as they are either a move from one technology to another or restructuring the business processes completely to align to evolving business needs. Large organizations find it difficult to move completely out of their existing hardware and infrastructure into a completely new platform. Hence there is always some part of the IT systems that continue to remain in the legacy environment. Some organizations have decided to continue with the legacy environment but modernize it by redesigning their applications following the modern design methodologies. This approach saves the cost of migrating into a completely new platform but helps in enhancing the legacy applications and brings in the required flexibility. This paper shares one such experience of re-engineering a software application where the application was developed as a forward engineering from the existing applications. The re-developed application continued to stay in the legacy environment but brought in the required flexibility, scalability and maintainability. The application was developed using COBOLII following OOAD for the business logic, DB2 for the database and Java for the user interface.

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