Browser/Server and Client/Server based Dockside Container Crane CAD/CAE System

H. Li, Z. Sheng, and Y. Rong (USA)


Dockside container crane, Software development, CAD/CAE, C/S, B/S, XML, Web Service, VRML


Dockside container cranes are well-known for their complex structure and thus many factors to be considered in their development. A Browser/server (B/S) and Client/Server(C/S) based CAD/CAE design system is proposed in this study. Customers provide specifications of the cranes to designer through a Browser/Server (B/S) interface. Designers parametrically model the cranes through 3D CAD platform. CAE analysts conduct explicit dynamic FEA (Finite Element Analysis) on the designed crane structure. CAD and CAE functions are accomplished through Client/Server architecture. An XML and Web Service based DAC (Design-Analysis Connection) is developed to maintain a consistence between CAD model and FEA model. The design is then displayed to the customers through B/S mechanism, which provides a convenient method for the customers to participate the design process. Since all the operations are conducted through internet/intranet, customers, designers and analysts are able to participate the design process at different geographical locations.

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