Lecture Quiz - A Mobile Game Concept for Lectures

A.I. Wang, T. Øfsdahl, and O.K. Mørch-Storstein (Norway)


Mobile and Wireless Computing, Education, Communication Networks, and Multimedia Systems.


This paper describes a new mobile game application, Lec-ture Quiz, which can be used within lectures in higher ed-ucation to promote strong student participation and enable variation in how lectures are taught. The new idea is to provide a lecture game using the devices and infrastructure already available in lecture halls like the teacher’s portable PC, a large screen and a video projector, network connec-tions, and the students’ mobile phones. The architecture of the game application consists of a server, a client for the students and a client for the teacher. The game is a multi-player quiz game with a variation in game modes where an unlimited number of players can play simultaneously. The main contribution of this paper is a description of a novel game concept for lectures and an evaluation of the application in use. The paper also reports technology choices we made when implementing the game and how we solved the problem of variation in latency between the server and various mobile clients running on different wireless networks.

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