Another Neat Tool for Refactoring Erlang Programs

M. Héder, Z. László, and T. Sulyán (Hungary)


refactoring, functional programming, Erlang, program transformation


Refactoring is a program transformation aiming to improve the quality characteristics of the code (such as consistency, maintainability, transparency, execution time) while strictly preserving its functionality. Since functional programming languages, such as Erlang, are gaining more and more territory in this field of technology it is a highly significant and current task to develop a refactoring tool for this language. The present paper describes the elaboration of an Erlang refactoring tool where developers were striving to employ already existing (off-the-shelf) components and technologies. Refactoring cannot be performed without creating the model of the source code. Authors modeled the source code with an extended syntax tree represented in XML. Using XML as representation offers various tools available for transforming and visualizing the model. In the present article authors introduce the prototype version of the proposed refactoring tool and describe it in more details while solving a specific refactoring problem.

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