From Web Application Design to the Portlet Application: A Methodological Approach

R. Paiano, A.L. Guido, and A. Pandurino (Italy)


Web application, design, Portlet


The design phase is probably the most important phase in the development process of web application; the mapping between the model and the implementation structures is hard and, often, it requires a further design refinement. The new technologies make the scenario more complex: portlet technology allows the final user to set-up its work environment adding or removing from the work environment parts of application. In this paper, we provide a methodological approach in order to lead the developing process from the Web application design to the implementation using portlet technology: we apply the portlet technology to IDM/P-IDM design methodology that helps in the design of the user experience. The challenge is to not break, in the transition from the design to the implementation, the semantic and logic constraints requested in the design methodology: these constraints are hard to respect in the portlet technology.

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