Dynamic Editor for AJAX Application

U. Banerjee, Deepesh PC, and K. Narayan (India)


Rich Internet Application, XML, AJAX, Editor, Dynamic Languages


In recent time AJAX based applications have become very popular. Many frameworks and libraries are available which support AJAX development. A key feature of an AJAX based application is the ability to program dynamic behaviour of a page displayed on the browser. Traditional page editors support static view of a page and the dynamic behaviour is achieved through programming in JavaScript which manipulate the HTML document object model. However the developer cannot see the dynamic behaviour of the application without running the application. In this paper, we propose the design of an editor, which can be used to make changes to the application at runtime. This process of editing has been named as Dynamic Editing. We have also described our implementation of a dynamic editor and have used it as an example of illustrating the details of the design. Different types of dynamic behaviour have been categorized and mapped against the ability of this editor to handle it.

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