Web Services Composition based on Business Rules

A. Kamada and M. Mendes (Brazil)


Web-based Software Engineering, Service, Business Rule, Web Service.


In the current globalized world, characterized by strong Web based interactions, relationships between people and organizations are subject to fast changes. This situation justifies the need for an approach that can capture business changes and quickly implement them into computational systems. It is considered that some business logic portions are quite volatile and susceptible to the changes and other portions are quite stable and less susceptible to the changes. In this context, a model for fast development of services based on business rules and Web services is proposed. The volatile portions are externalized as business rules and the stable portions as Web services. This paper presents a framework for Web services composition based on business rules and service ontology. Business rules’ facts and conditions are linked to Web services, which are discovered in the business rules development or maintenance time. Business rules are modeled according to OMG’s SBVR metamodel.

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