Analysis of Anomalies and Failures in Dynamic Web Applications

N. Alaeddine and J. Tian (USA)


Web, testing, reliability, and quality


Companies today enable digital relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees by delivering compelling functionality that saves time and money. As web applications are growing in the number of dynamic pages relative to the static pages, there is a need for effective ways to improve web quality and reliability. This paper presents an effective method to analyze, classify, and prioritize anomalies in dynamic web applications. The analysis technique addressed in this paper introduces a formalized procedure that uses the server access log and defect data detected in a development or system maintenance cycle to identify errors with high frequency. Fixing the top faults identified provides a cost effective and efficient mechanism to improve the reliability and quality of web applications. This formalized procedure will provide a high degree of automation. The results of applying our approach to a case study from telecommunication industry are included to show its applicability and effectiveness.

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