Web Services for Parsing Source Code by Two-Step Parsing

K. Maeda (Japan) Maeda (Japan)


Web Services, XML, Parsing, Parser Generator


This paper describes Web services for extracting parsing functionality from a compiler and its application to the de velopment of language sensitive tools by two-step pars ing. The specifications of modern popular programming languages are very complex. It is a time-consuming task to develop a parser of commercial product quality from a language specification. Web services for parsing were de veloped in order to prevent reinvention of the parsers. A server receives source code using the Web services API. After the server analyzes the source code, it sends back an XML document as a result. So far it has been tested that the Web services is applicable to three programming lan guages, Java, C# and Ruby. To check the performance, an experiment was conducted. The result of the experiment shows that the XML document offsets the cost of the large storage space. However, the productivity improvement is far superior to the penalty.

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