An Agent-based Approach for Component Management in Service-Oriented Architectures

I. Ljubi, M. Kusek, G. Jezic, D. Huljenic, and S. Desic (Croatia)


Service-Oriented Architectures, component management, software agents, contracts


Recently, many service providers have introduced service-oriented architecture systems. Loosely coupled components which offer a service, can depend on other components to fulfill users’ service requests. This relationship, as well as the relationship between the service provider and the user, is defined in a signed contract. During the service life-cycle, some components may require maintenance. In such cases, it is the service provider’s obligation to make sure that changing the components will not undermine any signed contracts. This paper proposes an agent-based approach to component management. We investigate the possibilities of using mobile agents in SOA systems and discuss the potential benefits of such an approach. A case study performed on a service where a selected component was upgraded using the Remote Maintenance Shell tool is presented.

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