Realizing Communication Services using Model-Driven Development

Y. Wang, P.J. Clarke, Y. Wu, A.A. Allen, and Y. Deng (USA)


Modeling-driven development, Communication services,Meta-Model.


The advances in technology to support complex commu nication services, such as the pervasiveness of mobile de vices and the convergence of multimedia communication over digital networks, has resulted in a need for a new ap proach to model and realize communication services. The stovepipe approach used to develop today’s communica tion applications is no longer effective since it results in a lengthy and costly development cycle. In this paper we present an approach that allows a user (end-user or domain expert) to model and realize communication services us ing a model-driven approach. We describe a semi-formal communication logic which is the meta-model for creat ing instances of user communication services. To show the applicability of our approach we demonstrate how models are created and realized using our prototype and a scenario from the healthcare domain.

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