Robust Stabilization and PID Control for Nonlinear Discretized Systems

Y. Okuyama (Japan)


Nonlinear control systems, robust stability, discrete-time systems, discretization, PID control, Nichols diagram


This paper deals with robust stabilization and PID con trol for nonlinear discrete-time and discrete-value (dis cretized/quantized) systems. Although all control systems are currently realized using discretized signals, the analy sis and design of such control systems has not been eluci dated. In this paper, the robust stability analysis of discrete time and discrete-value control systems that accompany discretizing units at the input and output sides of a nonlin ear element are examined, and a method for designing PID control and robust stabilization for nonlinear discretized systems is proposed based on the modiļ¬ed Nichols dia gram. Numerical examples are provided to verify the va lidity of the designing method.

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