Intelligent Computing and Fuzzy Control for SBR Wastewater Treatment System

Z. Liu, Xiaoyi Wang, L. Cui, J. Xu, and C. Hou (PRC)


RBF neural network; intelligent, computing; intelligent control; wastewater treatment; fuzzy control


A intelligent computing method based on the radial basic function (RBF) artificial neural network was proposed for determination of effluent BOD from SBR system, and its principle was introduced. The RBF neural network was trained and simulated by way of observed data, and the result showed that the RBF neural network may be used to fulfill intelligent computing for effluent BOD from SBR, so as to create condition for real-time control of wastewater treatment process. The fuzzy control for DO (Deliquescent Oxygen) in SBR wastewater treatment process was represented, and the aeration time and the energy consuming according to different DO curves were also studied. DO can be controlled in real time by the fuzzy logical to change the frequency of motor. When the concentration of DO was adjusted according to different DO curves, it can get the obvious advantages in shortening time of wastewater treatment and reducing energy consuming. The experiment indicates that the fuzzy control system which was founded according the practice could control DO effectively and advances the efficiency of processing and ability of disturbance rejection.

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