Fault Tolerant Spatial Control of a 540 MWe PHWR with Periodic Output Feedback

D.B. Talange and B. Bandyopadhyay (India)


PHWR, Periodic output feedback, Spatial Control.


This paper discusses the fault tolerant spatial controller de sign with periodic output feedback for a 540 MWe PHWR. The input signal to the control valve would generally be derived on the basis of zonal power levels sensed by self powered neutron detectors, which have shorter life com pared to the operating life of the reactor. Also, due to fail ure of insulation, the sensor output may be inaccurate. For assuring high degree of reliability of reactor, a control has to be designed such that the power distribution is effectively controlled even if any one of the zonal power signal or /and corresponding actuator has failed. The 540 MWe nuclear reactor is modeled to have a 72 order spatial model. This model having 14 inputs and outputs each, is used to design a fault tolerant spatial controller with the periodic output feedback gains. The results of simulations are presented.

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