Design and Qualitative Analysis of the Improved Algorithm of Motion Track Predictive Control with Flexible Curve Calculation for Robot Manipulator

H. Tan, Q. Liao, and Y. Zhou (PRC)


Robot, Manipulator, Error, Curve, Predictive, Control


The traditional robot manipulator motion track algorithm uses PID control algorithm to calculate the control signal based on the position measurement of each joint of robot. This paper proposes an algorithm of motion track predictive control with flexible curve calculation. This algorithm calculates the curve of error between the planned motion track and the real track, and uses the error curve to predicate the error in the next control point which is combined with the PID algorithm to obtain the control signal. This algorithm increases the precision of motion track control and improves the characteristic of real time response. This paper analyzes the algorithm qualitatively, carries some simulation experiments using MATLAB and the satisfying experimental result demonstrates that the effectiveness and advantage of this algorithm which satisfy the requirement of the robot manipulator control.

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