Robust Speed Control of DC Servomotors for Mobile Robots

Í.J.L. Batista, J.T.C. Filho, G.C. Barroso, A.T. Varela, and A.L.C. Araújo (Brazil)


Robust control, mobile robot, and Servo Motor


The problem of control and autonomous navigation of mobile robots has been largely studied recently, because of the possibility of the automation of several industrial processes, including those in the conduction of tasks that can hardly be carried out successfully by the human being. This work deals with the specific problem of motion control with Direct Current servo motor. Based on convex optimization, we propose a new digital controller that is practical and able to provide a robust performance and stability, in face of the specified uncertainty bounds and input constraints of the dynamic model of the servo motor under consideration. Base on the proposed controller, we evaluated its performance in real time applications through experiments conducted in a real mobile robot.

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