MAICE A Tool for Knowledge Representation

F.M. Oliveira, L. Schnitman, H.A. Lepkison, J.F. Corrêa, A.L. Néri Jr. (Brazil), and J.A.M. Felippe de Souza (Portugal)


Knowledge Representation, Knowledge Modeling, Fuzzy Logic, Electrical Systems Management, Electrical Transformer Diagnosis.


In the present work the software MAICE is shown as a solution for knowledge representation. This software is a visual modeling tool which allows to represent the rules that define a given knowledge universe, independently of specific application area in order to make this knowledge available to be integrated with other systems afterwards. Using this tool, it is possible to separate from the knowledge of others systems which need use it. This software also brings resources that allow the expert modeling and validating the knowledge and, moreover, the possibility of to diminish the responsibility from the developers with respect to producing the knowledge rules inside the source code of their systems. This software has been successfully integrated with a petroleum wells automation systems. One of MAICE’s assets is the possibility of modeling using fuzzy logic, which could be a powerful tool for modeling knowledge using simple rules. Once finished, this knowledge could be easily integrated with other control and real-time systems, which could need these diagnoses for managing maintenance and emergency actions. This paper also shows some of this software’s applications.

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