Sensory Perception of Fabrics: Analysis of Tactile Comfort Properties using Statistical and Artificial Intelligence Techniques

B. Karthikeyan and L. Sztandera (USA)


tactile perception, ANN, ANFIS, fabric, mechanic al properties, nonlinear systems


The relationship between mechanical and sensorial properties of textile materials, with perceived comfort is complex and non-linear. A system to analyze the aforementioned relationship using Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools is developed. Since the number of parameters that influence perceived sensation is beyond the capability of any existing model, a model-free algorithm based on a biological system of perception with the aid of neural network mapping is attempted. Mechanical properties - measured objectively using the Kawabata Evaluation System for Fabrics (KES-F) and HandFeel properties - measured subjectively using a sensory expert panel is related to the tactile comfort sensation of textile materials using AI tools. Also, brief comparison with a linear statistical approach is presented.

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