A Framework for Semantic Querying of Distributed Data-Graphs via Information Granules

D. Bacciu, A. Botta (Italy), and D.C. Stefanescu (USA)


Distributed computing, knowledge representation, fuzzy set theory, regular path queries, weighted data-graphs.


Regular path queries (RPQ) represent a common and con venient way to access and extract knowledge represented as labeled and weighted data-graphs. In this paper, we look to enhance the information representation in data-graphs and RPQs by augmenting their expressive power with the use of semantically meaningful knowledge in the form of in formation granules. We extended a recent distributed algo rithm for the evaluation of RPQs on spatial networks by in troducing fuzzy weights in place of crisp values both in the data-graphs and the query formulation. Moreover, we de scribe two alternative strategies for determining the costs of the paths computed by the fuzzy RPQ evaluation process. A spatial network case-study is used to illustrate the sound ness of the approach.

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