Orient Video Database for Facial Expression Analysis

P. Jiang (Japan, PRC), J. Ma, Y. Minamoto, S. Tsuchiya, R. Sumitomo (Japan), and F. Ren (Japan, PRC)


Facial Expression Analysis, Orient Video Database, Spontaneous Expression and Deliberate Expression


The research on affective computing and related applications are attracting attentions during the last decades, particularly in Japan with the development of e business[4]. In this case, the human facial expression data is necessary to studies of emotion recognition and synthesis([1], [13]). There are many famous existed facial expression databases but they are primarily composed by Europeans or American subjects([1], [3], [7], [8], [9], [10], [11]). The cultural background differences generate the gap between their styles of emotion expression. For an instance, comparing to the Europeans, the orient like Japanese do not have obvious facial expression. In this paper we propose a human facial expression video database named as AONE (Asian Oriental Expression) for orient in order to analyze and recognize the emotion automatically through human facial expression. We established the database of 75 adults mainly from orient, which included more 2000 samples of video sequences of facial expression from both frontal and side view. By consideration of the existed famous facial expression databases such as KANADE database form CMU[1], we designed the database containing both the spontaneous and deliberate facial expressions.

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